Friday, March 28, 2014

Long Time No See

Wow... It's been like a year since I had my blog updated.  This time around I'm blogging from The Land Below The Wind... Sabah.  It had been four months since transferred back here to Sabah after eight years posted in Kuala Lumpur.  For now, I'm working here in Tuaran Hospital Library.  Haven't entirely doing the library task yet as we're still waiting for the new hospital building to start it's operation.  Soon be coming.  For now, I'm just doing any task as possible that can be done preparing for the new library.

The new Tuaran Hospital

Hospital... Yes, hospital do have library if you're wondering but it's services are limited to the staff only.  So, most the books will be medical related.  I might end up be a medical experts IF only i read the books of course.

Now, my day starts at 5thirty am as i need to be ready by six.fifteen to start my journey to work as it will takes approx. 40-45 minutes drive depending on the traffic.  I work eight to 5 but I need to go out early so that I can beat the needless and sleepy jammed.  But going back home will take an hour to reach as the traffic will busy during that time. 

 Yes, i know google map says thirty8 minutes drive :)
This will only happens if you're the only one on the road and all the lights happens to be green.

New workplace makes new environment as well as new colleagues.  As for now, everything going as easygoing.  It's a hospital so, seeing a lot of patients everyday, so as nurses :) and doctors too.  Working in a hospital is not bad at all given seeing some deaths and injuries though not in front of my eyes yet it is seen once in a while when i go to that "place".  Easy for me to check health related issues but i'm not taking advantages of anything, i'm just taking the opportunities that given working here.

I do miss my job back in the National Library.  The job as it gives my brain works differently and i might say creatively.  Not saying that i don't like it here, it's just i'm doing different job here.  Yes, it's confusing as i still work in a library.  It's a different kind of challenges as i didn't do any books previously.  So, i'm a baby here that needs to learn to crawl.  Lucky me that i had my assistant who had experiences doing as much as real library works.

With hope and hard work (finger cross) i will be able to do my library well.


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